Why De Novo?

Promoting Healthy Living

Come to the rehab clinic De Novo for addiction counseling and treatment that is tailored to suit your needs. We can make recommendations, but it is ultimately your decision whether you prefer medication or counseling alone. We serve the community in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding counties.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are locally owned and operated, minimizing red tape.

  • We have years of experience operating similar services.

  • We are closed most Sundays and holidays – if you are stable you don't have to come into the clinic on those days.

  • We use only evidence-based counseling methods and medications.

  • We offer individual and group counseling. We recognize that some do better with individual counseling, some with groups, and many prefer a mixture of both.

  • We offer both counseling only and medication assisted treatment. You can therefore be assured that we will freely explore all treatment options with you.

  • We provide Campral ReVia/Naltrexon to help reduce cravings for alcohol, Chantix and Wellbutrin to reduce craving for nicotine, and methadone and Suboxone to eliminate cravings for and withdrawal from opioids.

  • We will work with insurance companies and Medicaid.

  • We have a monthly fee arrangement of $360 for Methadone and $280 for Suboxone treatment services. This pays you in full for the month, meaning that if there is a fifth Monday you won't have that extra week of fees added.

  • We will honor take-home privileges appropriately earned from other providers.

  • We offer afternoon and evening counseling hours as needed.

  • We offer both in-house and prescription Suboxone/buprenorphine.

  • We do not force a spiritual or religious approach to recovery. However, we recognize that spirituality and/or religion are a vital aspect of recovery for many and we will respect and incorporate this into treatment as desired.

  • We offer respect. Our treatment is individualized, person-centered, and focuses on what you want from treatment.

  • We have a psychiatrist on board who has over forty years of experience.

  • We love what we do. We enjoy watching individuals recover and reclaim normal lives, however they might define these.