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De Novo provides drug rehabilitation treatments and counseling for people in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas. Our addiction counselors are committed to supporting our patients in as many ways as possible. Below are links to websites and resources that we have found helpful for those dealing with various addictions.


World Service Organization, self help group to help family members and teenagers deal with the effects of a parent or spouse's addiction or alcoholism using a 12 step approach.

Alcoholism/Alcohol dependency

AA Meetings by State.

Alcoholics Anonymous Online

Alcohol, Adult Children of

Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Website.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services

AA Meeting Finder.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services


CoDA Anonymous--Note, "Co-dependency" is not a diagnosed condition, but is rather a construct that may or may not be helpful for a given individual/family.


Self help group for family members of Cocaine addicts, based on the 12 step approach.


Self help group to help family members cope with a family member's (generally a parent) gambling addiction.

Gambler's Anonymous

Includes a meeting directory.

Marijuana Anonymous

Twelve step approach to recovery from a cannabis dependency-marijuana addiction.


12 step based worldwide fellowship for anyone affected by someone else's addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous

12 step self help recovery fellowship for individuals who are addicted to narcotics/ opioids/painkillers.

Opioid Abuse/Addiction

The National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment (NAABT) is a non-profit organization with the mission to: Educate the public about the disease of opioid addiction and the buprenorphine treatment option. Help reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with patients with addiction disorders.

Opioid Abuse/Addiction

Federal site with help information about buprenorphine/Suboxone treatment with a locator that helps individuals find local doctors and clinic that prescribe Suboxone.

Food Addicts Anonymous

12 step program dedicated to helping individuals reduce/control excessive food consumption.

Overeaters Anonymous

Another 12 step program dedicate to helping individuals reduce/control excessive food consumption.

Self Management & Recovery Training

SMART Recovery® is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group. Our participants learn tools for recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups.

Sex Addiction

12 step sex addiction self help program

Addiction Answers

This site strives to be a resource for recovering alcoholics and substance abusers. The site's expert, Dirk Hanson, is a freelance science writer and blogger covering neuroscience, drugs, and addiction. He writes and edits Addiction Inbox, a blog devoted to the coverage of health studies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism.

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We will add more to this list over time. Our addiction counselors can recommend additional resources and will take the time to explain anything you might not understand. Call De Novo if you know any links you think we should add or if you would like to schedule an initial addiction treatment consultation.