Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing Individual Needs 

At De Novo, we want to ensure that you understand all of the relevant information pertaining to the rehab and drug counseling process. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about our clinic in Salt Lake City, UT. We will keep adding to this as more questions are asked regarding our clinic and our practices.

Do you accept insurance?

A qualified yes. When a patient comes to us with insurance we will immediately work with them to fill out the forms required for them to receive reimbursement from their insurance company. During this time our patients will have to pay up front and then get reimbursed later. At the same time we will work to get on the panels or into the networks of our patient's insurance companies. We will do this in the order they are presented to us. At the present time we have an application in to Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Once we are in an insurance companies network we can bill up front and not have to have patients pay us up front, unless there is a co-pay involved.

A couple of cautions are in order here. One is that there are some of our services that insurance companies may not reimburse. For example, insurance companies tend to be divided regarding whether they will pay for methadone maintenance treatment. If we are providing a service that your insurance company won't reimburse for you will of course have to pay for that treatment out of pocket. Secondly, some insurance companies have requirements to participate with their networks that we can't meet. For example, one insurance company requires that we have a PhD on board (never mind that we have a practicing psychiatrist). At the present time we don't have a PhD and won't be able to join that network. Our members have our full assurance that we will do our very best to help them get reimbursement from their insurance company and to join their insurance company's network.

Do you accept/participate with the Salt Lake County's ATR (Access to Recovery Program)?

Yes, we have applied and have been approved. We can accept and bill for ATR vouchers. However, Salt Lake County will not current issue vouchers for opioid maintenance treatment. They may for other aspects of our treatment and they may help pay for other needs that can then free resources to pay for treatment. 

Do you accept Medicaid?

Another qualified yes. Medicaid will only pay for counseling when it is provided by specific providers that are under contract to the county's drug and alcohol department. Unfortunately, we are not the provider that has the contract for Medicaid reimbursed drug counseling. We may apply for this in the future. At the present time, Medicaid will pay for the cost of administering methadone itself, so we can bill Medicaid for approximately half the cost of treatment for our methadone patients. We have been approved for this and are now accepting Medicaid methadone patients.

If I attend another clinic and want to transfer, will you honor my take-home privileges?

Yes. We will need to confirm that you have earned your take-home privileges by meeting all eight federal requirements for doing so. It may take us a couple of days to confirm this, but once we have done so we can extend the full take-home privileges you had at your previous clinic, assuming they were following the federal requirements in giving these to you.

I just paid money to my current clinic but want to transfer to De Novo. Can you help me with this?

Yes, some clinics are understandably reluctant to refund money once you have paid it. Accordingly, De Novo will honor funds paid to other clinics, if we can verify the amount you are paid ahead. In other words, if you paid ahead by two weeks at another clinic and we can verify this your first two weeks at De Novo will be free.

I need to get to work in the morning and long intakes are a pain. Can you do anything about this?

Yes, to some extent. There are certain documents that just have to be filled out for legal reasons and others that need to be completed for safety purposes. However, NIATx, an organization that encourages process improvements in addiction treatment programs has touted one clinic's process of breaking the orientation/intake process over several days. In researching this I believe we can do this and have patients who have limited morning time complete just the critical paperwork on day one and finish the process over 2-3 days at one hour each time. Of course, if you would prefer to get everything out of the way in just one day we can accommodate this as well.

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